Devlog 1: High Fashion

New Boss!

There is now a new lategame boss!  He shoots lasers in 4 directions and throws out little gadgets that also shoot quad lasers.

Fall colors are in!

Did some work towards adding variety to the in-game characters.  Shirts now come in multiple colors, rather than just purple.  Also added new hairstyles so not all men in the game are completely bald.  I'm now tinting the hair and clothes within the game engine, so I don't have to make a new texture for a new color.  It's as simple as adding an RGB value to a table, and you've got a new shirt or hair color.

Snail Trail Visuals

Added some particle effects to snail trails, hopefully it makes it more obvious that the trail is poisonous.

Other changes

I fiddled with player movement to make it feel better.  There is now faster deceleration, so you don't float as much after you stop moving.  Acceleration is slightly slower.  Still not entirely happy with the feel of it, will keep tinkering.  I also made the default spell speed faster, which I think feels a bit more satisfying without messing with the balance too much.

I also changed the map generation slightly.  Bazaars should now spawn on every floor.  Each floor will also randomly have one special room, like an armor shop or witch's lair.

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